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Puppen Meister Productions


Event planners


Producing quality events for over 15 years


Puppen Meister Productions. is a professional fund raising company that has been in business for over fifteen years. We are one of the largest event promoters in central Pennsylvania and are now expanding throughout the entire slate.


We specialize in an effortless approach to sponsoring an event for your group. Whether your organization is interested in raising funds or even holding a giant block party for the community, we have the right type of show for you. We produce events such as Street Fairs, Juried Craft Shows. Gift Shows and Flea Markets. From beginning to end. Puppen Meister manages the entire coordination and promotion of your event. As a beneficiary of our events you will receive a percentage of the proceeds without any out of pocket expense to your group.


Our art department will design and create an extensive and original advertising campaign. It will include print and display advertising; flyers sent throughout the area, posters and publicity interviews in local newspapers. We have a variety of more than I ~) vendors on our roster that will help to make your event a big success.


The types of organizations that sponsor our events are clubs, town administrations, Chambers of Commerce. Colleges, schools, Special Improvement Districts and places of worship are some of the organizations that use our services. We are presently coordinating fundraising events for over 5O of these organizations on a regular basis.


A representative from our company will contact you in the near future to discuss your fundraising goals.


Yours Truly,

Ernest Wachter


Our Responsibilities to Sponsoring Organization



We provide quality exhibitors for the type of show you require.



placement and removal of professional~ made signs at various locations for the purpose of directing the public to the event. We handle all advertisements~ promotions, flyers to schools, along with


We provide professional staffing and coordinate the entire event.


Reservations from start to finish, as well as keeping you updated on our progress. We coordinate all vendor reservations for an event.



Sponsoring Organization Responsibilities to Puppen Meister Productions



    To provide site for event to be held. We will discuss the type of venue needed for event



To obtain all required permits and permission from the town and

location where the event will be held.


To request approval from the proper authorities to place our signature

signs at various locations in the area for 48 hours and have our Street Fair banner hung approximately 3~4 weeks prior to event.


Event Day

The event is a way to show involvement I.e.: selling an item related to your organization, selling 50/50 tickets, a food stand is a good way to raise more funds for your group (indoors only~ if event is outdoors, We bring in professional food vendors.

Security      provide security for the event if applicable.


Clean Up      Will provide clean up and garbage removal at the close of the event.



We will create a family style event that hears your name.  This is a great way