You can print the app on this page and mail to us as the address provided   Please complete the application and return it

Craft and non Craft venders
Food Vender please call 570-244-2362
Country Kids Jamboree 2008


NAME: _________________________________________________________________________

BUSINESS NAME:________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS:______________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________________________STATE: ________ZIP CODE:____________

DAY PHONE __________________________________EVENING PHONE____________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________

WEB SITE ADDRESS:______________________________________________________________

Please list item to be sold: ( crafts and resale items can not be mixed in the same booth)


PRICING: The more shows you can do with us the better your price. I do not allow competition only one vender of a type in the show so First come First served
____Non Craft Vendor   prices start from $125 space will vary from venue to venue

___ Craft Vendor 2 days - 10x10 space = Prices start at $100
prices will vary with the venues

Please contact us directly for special day or space needs.        ELECTRICITY is included, at most shows,  limited to 400 watts

I will need the following space layout: 10x10 ____,  or ______ space required ( we will contact you with availability.

 You will need your own tent, cords etc. In a western Theme.  We ask all venders to dress western and make you display as western as possible. fist priority is given to theme venders.

Deadline for best placement is 7 days prior to shows - applications will be accepted later on a per space available. Late applications are on a space available basis

Signature of applicant: ___________________________________________________Date:______________

make checks payable to and Mail to:
Puppen Meister Productions
          P.O. Box 5053
          South Williamsport, Pa. 17702

email the event producers at: with your questions or call 570-244-2362
 New venders - Please enclose 3 photos of work and one of display - they will be returned at the show.

  You will be notified if you are not accepted